Pediatric Dentistry in Stockton, CA

Pediatric Dentistry

Children go through a remarkable number of changes in their oral health development, from the time their first tooth appears as infants to the potential extraction of their wisdom teeth around age eighteen. Thankfully, our dentists near you offer professional dental care that supports your child’s oral health at every stage. At Morada Dental & Orthodontics, we understand how important the decision is for families to choose a pediatric dentist, which is why we offer safe, quality, and comfortable pediatric dentistry in Stockton, CA.

Dental Care for Young Children

Most experts agree that it’s never too early to establish dental care for children. Not only does early oral health care create a positive relationship between children and our dental care team, but it allows our professional staff to ensure a strong foundation for the health of their teeth and gums. This includes measures to prevent the effects of tooth decay, such as routine exams and cleanings, fluoride treatments, and protective dental sealants for molars.

Dental care for your young children is also beneficial in establishing communication about the importance of at-home oral hygiene habits. Our team provides guidance and support in terms of proper brushing and flossing techniques to reduce the risk of cavities and other oral health complications. This saves the entire family time, money, and worry with regard to dental treatment!

Dental Care for Adolescents and Young Adults

Once your child reaches adolescence, their long-term oral health is even more important. They may be undergoing orthodontic treatment, which requires even greater attention to oral hygiene habits at home in addition to a commitment to in-office appointments. Many patients at this age also play sports and take part in other activities that elevate their risk of injury to teeth and gums. Therefore, mouth guards and other protective measures are an important part of pediatric dentistry at this stage.

Are you looking for a pediatric dentist for your family? Our dentists in Stockton, CA, are committed to providing excellent pediatric dentistry near you for your children. Contact Morada Dental & Orthodontics for more information. We look forward to helping your children achieve lifelong oral health!