Oral Surgery in Stockton, CA

Oral Surgery

Has oral surgery in Stockton, CA, been recommended for you? Finding out that you require any kind of surgery can be concerning. However, oral surgery is typically very routine and necessary to help a patient achieve and/or maintain their overall oral health. Our dentists near you and the entire staff at Morada Dental & Orthodontics will ensure your safety and comfort during the oral surgery process.

What Is the Process for Oral Surgery?

Oral surgery is a routine part of dentistry. It refers to surgical procedures that are performed by professionals in the mouth or jaw area. Oral surgeries are designed to correct and treat dental issues with a patient’s teeth and/or gums. If our dentists in Stockton, CA, determine that you need oral surgery, our care team will ensure that you are aware of all pre-surgical instructions. This will allow you to effectively prepare for the procedure and address any questions and/or concerns that come up.

There are post-surgical protocols as well to ensure that you experience an effective and fast recovery. In general, these post-surgery instructions include limiting physical activity for a short time, eating soft foods at room temperature, taking medications properly, and avoiding alcohol and tobacco products for a stipulated period. Patients may also require a follow-up appointment after oral surgery with our dental care team to assess their progress in terms of healing and recovery.

Common Oral Surgery Procedures

There are many common and routine oral surgical procedures designed to effectively restore a patient’s oral health. Some of these typical procedures include root canal therapy, bone or gum tissue grafting, dental implants, and surgical repair of the mouth or jaw if an injury is suffered. In addition, many young adults undergo oral surgery to extract wisdom teeth that are impacted.

Our staff at Morada Dental & Orthodontics is dedicated to your oral health and wellness, including providing oral surgery near you. If you require an oral surgical procedure, we will ensure that you are prepared for each step of the process and supported during recovery and healing. We look forward to your next appointment!