Clearcorrect in Stockton, CA


It seems like most people have had their teeth straightened with traditional braces as adolescents. However, not everyone has the opportunity to undergo this orthodontic treatment before adulthood.

Thankfully, our dentists offer ClearCorrect aligners in Stockton, CA, for patients interested in straightening their teeth without going through conventional braces.

At Morada Dental & Orthodontics in Stockton, CA, we offer ClearCorrect aligners for patients searching for an alternate form of teeth straightening to traditional metal braces.

What is ClearCorrect Aligner?

ClearCorrect aligners are an orthodontic alignment system that gradually straightens a patient’s teeth and aligns their oral bite. This system is based on the patient wearing a series of aligners, in order, that is made of clear plastic.

There are many benefits to ClearCorrect aligners compared to traditional braces that rely on metal brackets and wires for teeth straightening. The ClearCorrect aligners are comfortable and nearly unnoticeable when wearing.

In addition, these aligners are removable so patients can eat comfortably and practice proper oral hygiene habits without any interference.

A ClearCorrect aligner in Stockton, CA, is an effective orthodontic procedure and is often recommended for older teenagers and adults who may feel self-conscious at the thought of wearing conventional braces.

What Are the Benefits of Straightened Teeth?

Of course, there are many benefits in terms of a patient’s aesthetics when it comes to straightened teeth. This can improve a patient’s oral appearance and give them a youthful, healthy look.

In turn, this improved appearance can enhance a patient’s self-confidence in personal and professional settings.

There are other benefits of straightened teeth outside of aesthetics. Patients with an aligned bite and aligned teeth are less likely to suffer from complications related to oral health issues, such as chronic headaches and symptoms of temporomandibular dysfunction (TMJ). ClearCorrect aligner is an excellent option for patients to achieve orthodontic alignment in Stockton.

Are you considering straightening your teeth but without traditional metal braces? It’s never too late for orthodontic treatment with our dentists in Stockton, CA.

For more information about ClearCorrect Aligners in Stockton, CA, contact our professional staff at Morada Dental & Orthodontics. We look forward to helping you achieve straight teeth and a great smile!