Dental Braces in Stockton, CA

Dental Braces

It is easier to fix your crooked, misaligned teeth today than ever. Thanks to the advances in dentistry and orthodontics, teeth straightening is easier, faster, and more affordable with Braces in Stockton, CA.

At Morada Dental & Orthodontics, our compassionate orthodontists work with you to ensure you get the best treatment options to suit your unique needs and preferences.

Get Perfectly Aligned Teeth with Metal Braces Near You

Dental braces have evolved since their introduction in the 18th century. Modern braces in Stockton are smaller, less noticeable, and more comfortable than past braces. It’s no wonder they remain one of the most popular and affordable orthodontics for people of all ages.

How Do Dental Braces Work?

Metal braces near you have several components, including brackets, wires, and elastic bands.

The brackets are either made from metal or tooth-colored ceramic material and are attached to each tooth using a special dental adhesive, and metal wires are threaded through the brackets. The rubber bands, also known as ligatures, hold the wire in place and help guide the teeth to the desired position.

The wire applies gentle pressure to the teeth, causing them to shift into the correct position gradually. Our orthodontist adjusts the brackets and wires periodically to ensure the teeth move in the right direction and at the proper rate.

Correct Overbite and Improve Your Oral Health with Braces in Stockton

An overbite occurs when the upper jaw is larger than the lower jaw, the lower teeth are too far back, or the upper teeth are too far forward. In some cases, an overbite may be purely cosmetic, but in more severe cases, it can cause dental problems, such as wear and tear on the teeth, jaw pain, and difficulty chewing.

Braces near you can be an effective treatment option for overbite correction. The braces can move the teeth to their natural position, improving your bite and functionality.

On average, most patients in Stockton will start seeing noticeable changes in their teeth within the first few months of wearing braces. However, it can take 12 to 36 months or more to achieve the desired final results, depending on the case’s complexity.

Retainers After Braces – Keeping Your Teeth Straight

Retainers are custom-made devices designed to hold the teeth in their correct position after orthodontic treatment in Stockton. Bones and tissues that hold the teeth in place need time to adjust to the new position of the teeth. Once the adult braces are removed, your teeth may shift to the abnormal position, with nothing keeping them in place.

Wearing a retainer can help prevent this shift and maintain the results of the orthodontic treatment. Retainers also prevent future orthodontic problems resulting from your teeth shifting out of alignment.

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