Occasionally, patients feel intimidated about the process of financing and insurance when it comes to dental procedures and overall oral health care. However, our professional care team is here to help you navigate your dental insurance coverage and provide accurate information in terms of financing options and other acceptable payment options if necessary.

We advise patients to consult with our office before undergoing any oral health care procedure to ensure that they are aware of insurance coverage and any potential costs associated with the procedure.

List of Accepted Insurances

Our office is a preferred provider organization (PPO) with most major insurance plans, such as Delta Dental.

Financing Options and Alternative Payment Methods

If your dental insurance policy does not fully or partially cover a specific procedure, there are options for financing or acceptable alternative payment methods. Patients can explore financing options through CareCredit and/or Lending Point. Other payment methods include cash, HSA and FSA, major credit cards, and debit cards.

Our staff is here to answer questions about your insurance coverage and provide information about financing options and payment methods. Be sure to consult us before any dental procedure. We are committed to your oral health and wellness, including navigating the processes of insurance and financing.

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