The Importance of Dental Visits: Why You Should Make Oral Health a Priority

The Importance of Dental Visits: Why You Should Make Oral Health a Priority
November 1, 2022

Some people put off visiting our dental office in Stockton, CA, because there is no urgent dental matter. Waiting for a disaster to strike so you can get dental care is no way to live. It will be very costly, and the damage can sometimes be irreversible.

That’s why we recommend you visit our dentist at least twice a year. Even though your weekdays are packed, we have a Saturday dentist in Stockton, CA, who can slot you in so that you don’t miss your dental appointment.

The Prevalence of Dental Diseases

It may seem like there is a fuss about regularly visiting the dentist. Maintaining your oral health is vital since your overall well-being depends on it. If you neglect your dental health, you allow bacteria to multiply and wreak havoc on your teeth.

Some of the prevalent dental issues that might arise due to neglected dental care include:

  • Cavities. These are holes that are formed because of bacterial activity. As you eat, bacteria will feed on the food debris. As they digest the food, your teeth get damaged, forming cavities. Cavities are formed over a long period of neglect.
  • Gum disease. Another prevalent disease is periodontitis, which occurs due to tartar buildup along the gum line. It causes gum inflammation, infection and eventual tooth loss.
  • Tooth loss. In the above scenarios, tooth loss is usually the end result. If tooth loss occurs, you will part with a lot of money because you need to get implants or dentures, which might not be cheap.

The Importance of Oral Health

Caring for your teeth goes beyond having a whiter smile; it has far-reaching effects. When you care for your teeth, you have taken the crucial step of caring for your entire body. Your overall well-being is dependent on your overall oral health.

For instance, research shows gum disease is linked to various overall health issues such as diabetes, memory loss, cardiovascular disease, low birth weight and preterm babies. On the other hand, cavities can cause you to have debilitating headaches, sinus issues, etc.

What’s more, poor dental health can lead to low self-esteem because issues such as bad breath and discolored or missing teeth may impact your willingness to interact with other people.

The Benefits of Regular Dental Visits

Some patients may seem not to understand the importance of regular dental visits. Others may not show up because they are afraid of the dentist’s chair. Whatever your reasons, you may need to know the benefits of regular dental visits. Some of the benefits of regular dental visits are:

Prevents Future Issues

So many dental issues start off with small things. Before you get a cavity, you will first have plaque buildup. If plaque isn’t dealt with, you will have a cavity, and if a cavity is not treated, you will lose your tooth.

The same is true about gum disease. It starts with some plaque buildup that leads to gum irritation. If you don’t get dental care, it progresses to the more severe form that leads to tooth, gum and bone loss.

But dental visits will enable our dentists to catch these dental issues in their infancy, which will help prevent future dental issues.

Saves Your Teeth

Tooth loss is never an awesome thing. Poor aesthetics, bone loss, and difficulty chewing are some issues you will face when you lose a tooth. But regular dental visits will be beneficial since our dentist can root out any cause of tooth loss.

Education on Dental Health

Caring for your pearly whites is a daily practice. But most people don’t know the proper techniques and might not have the best dental equipment to ensure their daily efforts don’t go to waste.

Treat Various Dental Issues

Dental issues can range from plaque buildup to missing or misaligned teeth. Getting these issues resolved can help you enjoy your smile.

The Risks of Postponing Dental Visits

If you postpone visiting our dentist, the following might occur:

  • You Increase the Risk of Disease

Your oral health might increase the chances of developing overall health issues. Some dental issues can lead to life-threatening diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

  • Some Diseases Can be Difficult to Detect

Pain is usually an indicator that something’s off. But not all issues will cause pain. So putting off a dental visit may not be wise. Oral cancer and gum disease have visible symptoms when the disease is too far gone.

  • Your Self-Confidence Will Plummet

Your self-confidence will take a nose-dive once dental problems take their toll on your smile. You might not interact as freely as you would love to because of dental issues such as bad breath, cracked teeth, etc.

Poor oral health shouldn’t limit the quality of your life. So, contact us at Morada Dental & Orthodontics to schedule an appointment.