Neurotoxin Treatment - How Old Should You Be to Start Getting Neurotoxin?

Neurotoxin Treatment – How Old Should You Be to Start Getting Neurotoxin?
June 1, 2022

Everyone craves flawless and beautiful skin. Wrinkles appear in the skin with age, making you look aged and ugly. Cosmetic medicines have come a long way to remove wrinkles and give you a rejuvenated look. Professional cosmetic care can give you wrinkle-free skin at optimum cost.

Neurotoxin is a Safe and Effective Treatment for Reducing the Appearance of Wrinkles

Neurotoxin treatment is a cosmetic procedure administered through injections to treat wrinkles and facial creases for a long. Neurotoxin is the brand name of the cosmetic drug prepared by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Neurotoxin is the most-widely used brand, and the near competitors are Xeomin and Dysport.

The bacterium Clostridium botulinum is naturally available in lakes, forests, soil, and the intestinal tract of fishes and mammals. Clostridium botulinum is harmless when it occurs naturally. The real problem starts when the spores of this bacterium transform and cell multiplication starts. Some scientists believe that a gram of crystalline form of Clostridium botulinum can kill a million people, and a couple of kilograms would be enough to wipe off the human race from the earth.

However, the Neurotoxin used in cosmetic treatments is safe and can be used in the therapeutic context. The FDA initially approved Neurotoxin in 1989 to treat eye muscle disorder. In 2002, Neurotoxin got the clearance to be used for cosmetic procedures on regulated measures. In 2013 Neurotoxin got the approval to be used in wide measures for treating wrinkles around the eyes.

Neurotoxin treatment is mainly used to correct the facial appearance, but some other uses of Neurotoxin are:

  • Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating of the underarms
  • Uncontrolled blinking of the eyes or blepharospasm
  • An overreactive bladder
  • Chronic migraine
  • A neurological disorder causing severe shoulder and neck muscle spasm

Treatment With Neurotoxin Can Help Improve Your Appearance

Neurotoxin treatment is a non-surgical one and is an in-office treatment. You need to visit the clinic to keep your wrinkles in check. You can get Neurotoxin treatment with minimal or no preparation at all. You need to reveal your past medical history to the doctor.

You should also check that the person providing Neurotoxin treatment is a physician with a valid license.

You would need to remove all your makeup before undergoing the procedure. It is better to avoid blood-thinning medicines such as aspirin to reduce bruises.

Neurotoxin is administered through 3 to 5 injections in the face. Neurotoxin is mostly injected between the eyebrows to remove the moderate to severe frown lines and around the eyes to give you an improved appearance.

Neurotoxin injection is a neurotoxin that targets the human nervous system and disrupts the neuro-transmitted signaling process that stimulates muscular contraction. Thus, Neurotoxin causes temporary muscle paralysis.

During normal neurotransmission, nerves release chemical messenger acetylcholine at the meeting point of the nerve endings and muscles. The acetylcholine attaches to the muscle receptors to contract the muscles. The Neurotoxin injections prevent the release of chemical messenger and stop muscle contraction. Due to the stoppage of continuous contraction, the wrinkles do not form, and you can have glowing skin.

Apart from the area between the forehead and the eyes, Neurotoxin can also be applied to correct the horizontal wrinkles on the forehead, the skin of the chin, and the lines at the corner of the mouth.

What Is the Best Age to Start Getting Neurotoxin Treatments?

You might be wondering to decide on what age to start Neurotoxin. The FDA has approved Neurotoxin treatment for patients above 18 years of age. But there is no specific age to get Neurotoxin injections near you. This entirely depends on your skin condition.

There is no magic age to get Neurotoxin injections. If you want to prevent the fine lines from appearing between your eyebrows, you can get Neurotoxin treatment in the late 20s. The late 30s and early 40 can be a good time to get Neurotoxin injections. With time the muscles flex more, and the wrinkles appear. It is better to stop wrinkles from appearing.

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