How to improve your smile with the help of Cosmetic Dentistry?

How to improve your smile with the help of Cosmetic Dentistry?
March 1, 2022

Cosmetic dentistry is growing so fast within the dentistry field. Usually, patients who choose to get cosmetic dentistry services are not doing so out of dental emergencies or necessity. Instead, they may feel insecure about a feature in their face or smile. For example, having missing teeth will affect your facial structure and change your face muscles.

Dental implants, a cosmetic dentistry treatment, can fill the gaps caused by missing teeth to prevent changes in your facial appearance. In addition, cosmetic dentistry helps patients chew and speak more easily. For better oral health, visit a dentist near you at least twice per year for checkups.

Ways to Improve Your Smile by Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry consists of procedures that improve your aesthetic appearance and protects your teeth. Here, we have discussed five types of cosmetic dentistry procedures available in Morada Dental & Orthodontics in Stockton, CA, which will improve your smile.

Teeth Whitening

Some people complain about their teeth being discolored, hence feeling like the color of their teeth should be improved. Unfortunately, discolored teeth are caused by taking coffee, smoking cigarettes, or practicing poor oral hygiene for a long time. Luckily, home whitening remedies have become readily available in the shops and dental offices. However, in-office teeth whitening is a better method of bleaching teeth than home products.

During your teeth whitening appointment, your dentist will apply more vital bleaching products to the teeth. They can also combine bleaching material with unique lights or lasers to increase the process’s effectiveness. In addition, your dentist will provide a custom mouth tray that offers more contact between the bleaching product and your teeth than the tray for home remedies.

Dental Crowns

Crowns cover your teeth entirely. They restore the strength and appearance of the teeth. Dental crowns are usually used on a tooth with a large filling or crack. However, crowns are also used to cover chipped or misshapen teeth cosmetically. The crown placement process includes shaping the tooth according to the tooth being covered. Before the permanent crown is ready, your dentist places a temporary crown on the tooth. Once the permanent dental crown is prepared, the temporary crown is removed, and the permanent crown is cemented in place.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are surgical components implanted on the jaw bone to support dental prostheses such as bridges and crowns. These implants are applied to replace a tooth that has been extracted. Your dentist will implant a titanium post into your tooth socket when getting a dental implant. First, the jaw secures the post in place by healing around it. Then, an abutment attaches to the titanium post. The tooth is later covered with a crown. Finally, the dental crown is held securely in place since it is attached to the dental implant.

Teeth Straightening

In an earlier life, teeth were straightened using wires and brackets to put the teeth into the desired place. Although the method is still used to correct serious alignment issues, there are other options to straighten teeth today. The possibilities include Invisalign tray aligners. The process of fitting braces begins with making the impression using the mold of your teeth to know the teeth that need to be moved in place. The next step of the Invisalign process is making a physical mold with a three-dimensional scan of the teeth. Then, with the help of the scan, transparent aligners are made to match your teeth while moving them to the desired position.
The advantage of Invisalign over braces is that Invisalign aligners are transparent and more comfortable on the gums and lips than braces. Visit cosmetic dentistry near you to get your teeth aligned using Invisalign aligners or traditional braces today.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are thin porcelain pieces that cover broken or chipped teeth by cementing them in place. When you visit our cosmetic dentistry in Stockton, CA, our dentist will first file a thin layer of your tooth when preparing for a dental veneer. Then, the tooth’s impression is taken to make the tooth’s veneer. Once the veneer is manufactured, the dentist fits it to the tooth, cleans and etches the tooth so that the veneer can be cemented in place. Finally, a special light is used to activate the cement to bond the veneer in place.